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Are you giving Best Advice to your clients? Do you ask them if they have a will? Do you advise them on Inheritance Tax planning? You are their trusted Financial Adviser. To protect their interest you should make them aware of the consequences of not making a Will. We can offer you a flyer to use as a marketing tool. Furthermore if they agree for you to recommend a Will Writer we will make sure you are looked after. We do not make any broken promises. I have heard of a number of Advisers making referrals to solicitors with a promise of an introduction fee but never got paid and with some the process is so difficult that advisers give up. You do not need to invoice us. We will pay you 20% of the invoice value direct to your account no ifs or buts and no forms to fill in. You only need to sign up as a member of the intelligent club,

For further details contact, unlimited earnings potential and with very minimum input from your part.

Making a Will

Making a Will (Introducers)

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